Welcome to my blog

Hello World!

Nice to see you here. So you probably want to know a little bit about what content i will be posting on this blog, right? For the most part i will blog about what i am currently learning, what projects i already did and sometimes a tutorial on topics that i am already quite familiar. If that sparked your interest than you can add my blog to your rss reader and never miss a post.

About me

Here are a few things about me, that might be interesting:

class DevOpsEngineer:
    def __init__(self):
        self.name = "Dan Freimann"
        self.role = "DevOps Engineer"
        self.language_spoken = ["de_DE", "en_US"]
        self.description = "DevOps Enthusiast & Gamer"
        self.location = "Germany"

me = DevOpsEngineer()